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Name of Course Masters in Naturo Medicine (Diagnosis + Treatment Course)
Eligibility Anyone can join this course but it will be great if you know the followings:

- 14 TCM & Sujok Meridians taught in Level 3 Course: A.D. SUJOK
- Laws Of Acupressure taught in Level 4 Course: M.D. Acu.

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Rs 1,00,000/    Rs 35990/- Including Taxes (64% Discount Offer Ending Soon)

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Course Language Videos are in Hindi and available with English Subtitles as well.
Advantages of this online course:
You will learn how to diagnose the root cause of any health problems and cure problems by Acupressure & Sujok Therapy.

Candidate can become Certified Acupressure Therapist and will be able to diagnose problems by analyzing symptoms.

You will receive a Master Diploma certification.

You can help your patients, friends, or family with this therapy to diagnose and cure their health problems.

You will get LIFETIME access to the course videos which you can reference anytime in the future.

Diagnosis Course Introduction Video
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Lesson 1 Acupressure- A Brief Synopsis
Lesson 2 Diagnosis of diseases in TCM

A) Eight principles of diagnosis
B) Four ways of diagnosis of diseases
Lesson 3 1- Causes of diseases

A) Internal causes
B) External causes
C) Internal and external pathogenic factors causing diseases
D) Six excesses

2- Types of imbalances in the human body

A) Six types of Qi imbalances in the human body
B) Four types of blood imbalances in the body
C) Seven types of body fluid imbalances in the human body
D) Essence imbalances in the human body

3- Various stages of diseases

A) Six long Byol stages of diseases
B) Four levels of diseases
C) Diseases in Meridian level
D) Five elements imbalances and methods of balancing
E) Diseases in Organ level
F) Types of diseases in Eight extra ordinary vessels
Lesson 4 Yin and Yang

The mutual consuming of Yin and Yang
a) Balance of Yin and Yang
b) Excess of Yin
c) Excess of Yang
d) Consumption or Deficiency of Yang
e) consumption or Deficiency of Yin
f) Sinking of Yin
g) Sinking of Yang
Lesson 5 1-Five Element Theory

A) Creative or Generating Cycle
- Relationship of organs in Generating Cycle

B) Control Cycle or Subjugation Cycle
- Relationship of organs in control cycle

C) Over Controlling Cycle

D) Anti Subjugation or Insulting Cycle

2- Each element can be imbalanced in four ways

3- Diseases due to disbalances in the generating cycle

A) Liver (Mother) and Heart (Child) Disbalance
a) Liver not nourishing Heart
a-1) A deficient Gall bladder
b) Heart (Child) affecting Liver (Mother)

B) Heart (Mother) and Spleen (Son) Disbalances
a) A deficient Heart
b) Spleen (Child) affecting the Heart (Mother)

C) Spleen (Mother) and Lungs (Son) Disbalance
a) spleen (Mother) affecting the lungs (Son) disbalances
b) Lungs (Child) affecting the spleen (Mother)

D) Lungs (Mother) and kidneys (son) disbalances:
a) The Lungs (Mother) affecting Kidneys (Child)
b) The kidneys (Child) affecting the lungs (Mother)

E) The Kidney (Mother) and Liver (Son) Disbalances
a) The Kidney (Mother) affecting the Liver (Child)
b) Liver (Child) affecting Kidneys (Mother)

4- Use of Five Element Theory in Treatment
Lesson 6 Life Substances

A) Function of Qi
a) Transforming
b) Transporting
c) Holding
d) Raising
e) Protecting
f) Warming
g) Cooling

B) Directions of Qi
a) Lungs Qi direction
b) Kidneys Qi direction
c) Liver Qi direction
d) Spleen Qi direction
e) Heart Qi direction
f) Stomach Qi direction

C) Various forms of Qi
a) Qi Original is
b) Food Qi
c) Gathering Qi
d) Nutritive Qi
e) Defensive Qi

D) Key Notes

Lesson 7 Imbalances of Qi

A) Deficiency of Qi
1- Heart Qi deficiency
2- Spleen Qi deficiency
3 - Kidney Qi deficiency
4 - Lungs Qi deficiency
5 - Pericardium Qi deficiency
6- Large intestine Qi deficiency
7- Stomach Qi deficiency
8- Small Intestine Qi deficiency

B) Sinking of Qi
1- Spleen Qi Sinking
2-Kidney Qi Sinking

C) Collapse of Qi
1- Heart Yang Collapse
2- Large intestine Qi Collapse

D) Stagnation of Qi
1- Liver Qi Stagnation
2- Small Intestine Qi Stagnation

E) Contravection of Qi
1- Contravection of Qi in Stomach
2- Contravection of Qi in Spleen
3- Contravection of Qi in Lungs
4- Contravection of Qi in Kidneys
5- Contravection of Qi in Heart
6- Contravection of Qi in Liver
7- Contravection of Qi in Large intestine

Lesson 8 Diseases Related To Blood

1- Deficiency of Blood
a) Heart Blood Deficiency
b) Liver Blood Deficiency

2- Stasis of Blood
a) Stasis of Blood in Liver
b) Stasis of Blood in Heart
c) Stasis of Blood in Lungs
d) Stasis of Blood in Stomach
e) Stasis of Blood in Large intestine
f) Stasis of Blood in Small Intestine

3- Loss of Blood or Bleeding
a) Qi deficiency
b) Heat in Blood
c) Stasis of Blood
d) Yin deficiency

4- Heat in Blood
a) Heat in Blood in Heart
b) Heat in Blood in Liver
c) Heat in Blood in Uterus
d) Heat in Blood in Stomach
e) Heat in Blood in Whole body
f) Heat in Blood in Large intestine


Diseases related to Body Fluids

A) Deficient Body Fluids causing Dryness

B) Excess Body Fluids causing Oedema

C) Body Fluids causing Phlegm

1- Phlegm having a form
2- Phlegm without a form
Lesson 10 Life Essence

1- Pre heaven essence
2- Post heaven essence
3- Kidney essence
Lesson 11 Body Constitution Diagnosis

1- Wood type of constitution
2- Fire type of constitution
3- Earth type of constitution
4- Metal type of constitution
5- Water type of constitution
Lesson 12 Changes in the original body constitutions

1- Long term changes in the body shape
2- Short term changes in the body shape
Lesson 13 Inspection diagnosis of movements (Demeanor)
Lesson 14 How to do Head Diagnosis
Lesson 15 How to do Taste Diagnosis
Lesson 16 How to do Hair Diagnosis
Lesson 17 A) How to do Hair Diagnosis
B) How to do Face and Forehead Diagnosis
Lesson 18 How to do Eye Diagnosis
Lesson 19 How to do Nose Diagnosis
Lesson 20 How to do Mouth Diagnosis
Lesson 21 How to do Ear Diagnosis
Lesson 22 How to do Lips Diagnosis
Lesson 23 How to do Teeth Diagnosis
Lesson 24 How to do Gums Diagnosis
Lesson 25 How to do Inner Throat Diagnosis
Lesson 26 How to do Extremities Diagnosis
Lesson 27 How to do Skin Diagnosis
Lesson 28 How to do Hearing Diagnosis
Lesson 29 How to do Speech Diagnosis
Lesson 30 How to do Borborygmus Diagnosis
Lesson 31 How to do Hiccups Diagnosis
Lesson 32 How to do Smelling Diagnosis
Lesson 33 How to do Flatulence Diagnosis
Lesson 34 How to do Chills and Fever Diagnosis
Lesson 35 How to do Sweating and Perspiration Diagnosis
Lesson 36 How to do Headache Diagnosis
Lesson 37 How to do Dizziness Diagnosis
Lesson 38 How to do Bodyache Diagnosis
Lesson 39 How to do Backache Diagnosis
Lesson 40 How to do Numbness Diagnosis
Lesson 41 How to do Chest and Thorax Pain Diagnosis
Lesson 42 How to do Epigastrium Pain Diagnosis
Lesson 43 How to do Abdominal Diagnosis
Lesson 44 How to do Appetite Diagnosis
Lesson 45 How to do Thirst and Drink Diagnosis
Lesson 46 How to do Vomiting and Nausea Diagnosis
Lesson 47 How to do Stool Diagnosis
Lesson 48 How to do Constipation Diagnosis
Lesson 49 How to do Diarrhoea Diagnosis
Lesson 50 How to do Urine Diagnosis
Lesson 51 How to do Insomnia Diagnosis
Lesson 52 How to do Somnolence Diagnosis
Lesson 53 How to do Coma Diagnosis
Lesson 54 How to do Pain Diagnosis
Lesson 55 How to do Sweating Diagnosis
Lesson 56 Female Diseases Diagnosis

A) Menstruation Cycle
- Colour of the Menstruation Blood
- Quantity of Menstrual Bleeding
- Nature of Menstrual Pain
- Quantity of Menstrual Blood

B) Leucorrhoea

C) Pregnancy

Lesson 57 How to do Blood in Stool Diagnosis
Lesson 58 Voice and Five Element Diagnosis
Lesson 59 Sense Organs and Five Element Diagnosis
Lesson 60 Emotions and Five Element Diagnosis
Lesson 61 Tissue and Five Element Diagnosis
Lesson 62 Climate and Five Element Diagnosis
Lesson 63 How to do Pulse Diagnosis
Lesson 64 How to do Dream Diagnosis
Lesson 65 How to do Nail Diagnosis
Lesson 66 How to do Tongue Diagnosis
Lesson 67 Diagnosis Course Summary
Note: All videos are in the Hindi language only. English subtitles version is also available.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1) When will I receive the course videos?

As you will enroll into the course after sucessful fees payment, you will receive all the academic videos of this course automatically from our website to your email.

2) What's the duration of this course?

All of our online courses comes with LIFETIME ACCESS to the academic course videos, therefore, you can complete these at your convenience. Once you complete watching all the academic videos thoroughly, you can email or call us to start your certification process.

3) When and how will I get my certificate?

Certificates from Sambhav are highly recognized and prestigious that's why we take it very seriously to maintain the decorum of our institution. Once you have watched all the academic videos thoroughly, you can email ( or call us to start your certification process. We will share the online link to the unique question paper with you which you'll have to take and submit to get the certification. We will review the answers and issue the e-certificate. If you fail you can try again.

4) How sooner can I apply for certification?

It totally depends on how fast you complete the online course. Whenever you are ready to appear for the test, just send us an email so that we can start your process.

5) What will be asked in the test?

Don't worry, it will be an easy and straight forward test, in which you will be asked few questions related to the syllabus only. Nothing will be asked outside the video syllabus.

5) Are these videos of Dr. Richa Varshney?

Yes, all videos are of Dr. Richa Varshney only.

6) Can I talk to someone at your institution?

Absolutely, we have courses councellor and they can contact you. You will have to fill an online form --> (Click here to fill the call back form)