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Name of Course Masters in Naturo Medicine
Eligibility Master Diploma in Acupressure & Magneto Therapy (MD-Acu.)
&Master Diploma In Electro-Acupuncture (Allopathic Acupressure)
Tuition Fee Rs. 28,990/   Rs 23990/- (Limited Time Offer)
Advantages of this course :
Candidate can learn how to diagnose the problemsand cure problems by Acupressure.

Candidate can become Acupressure Therapist.

Candidate will receive a completion certification.

Candidate can help their friends and family with this therapy to cure common problems through this therapy

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Sambhav Institute will send videos related to this course and there will be a test after completion of this course. We will share the unique question paper online link with the students which they have to take and submit to complete the certification. Enrolled students can reach out to us to clear their doubts through E-mail (

Note: Academic videos for this course will be provided as well.
This course video consists of multiple videos which enrolled students will receive

Lesson 1 Diagnosis of Diseases in Acupressure
a) Diagnosis by observing and looking
b) Diagnosis by listening and smelling
c) Diagnosis by enquiring and asking
d) Diagnosis by feeling and palpation
e) Pattern diagnosis
Lesson 2 Spirit diagnosis
Lesson 3 Body shape diagnosis
Lesson 4 Inspection diagnosis of movements (Demeanour)
Lesson 5 Head diagnosis
Lesson 6 Diagnostic inspection of Hair
Lesson 7 Diagnostic inspection of Face
Lesson 8 Diagnostic inspection of Ear
Lesson 9 Diagnostic and visual inspection of Eyes
Lesson 10 Diagnostic inspection of Face
Lesson 11 Diagnostic inspection of Nose
Lesson 12 Diagnosis of taste in Mouth
Lesson 13 Diagnostic inspection of Lips
Lesson 14 Diagnostic inspection of Teeth
Lesson 15 Diagnostic inspection of Gums
Lesson 16 Inspection diagnosis of inner throat
Lesson 17 Extremities diagnosis
Lesson 18 Diagnostic inspection of Skin
Lesson 19 Tongue diagnosis
Lesson 20 a) Diagnosis by listening and smelling
b) Listening to the breathing
c) Listening to frequent sighing and groaning
Lesson 21 Speech diagnosis
Lesson 22 Diagnosis of borborygmus
Lesson 23 Diagnosis of hiccup
Lesson 24 Diagnosis by smelling
Lesson 25 Diagnosis of flatulence
Lesson 26 Diagnosis by enquiring and asking
Lesson 27 Diagnosis of chills and fever
Lesson 28 Diagnosis of sweating and perspiration
Lesson 29 Diagnosis of Headaches
Lesson 30 Diagnosis of dizziness
Lesson 31 Diagnosis of body ache
Lesson 32 Diagnosis of backache
Lesson 33 Diagnosis of numbness
Lesson 34 Diagnosis of chest and thorax pain
Lesson 35 Diagnosis of abdominal pain
Lesson 36 Diagnosis of epigastric pain
Lesson 37 Diagnosis of appetite
Lesson 38 Diagnosis of vomiting
Lesson 39 Diagnosis of constipation
Lesson 40 Diagnosis of diarrhea
Lesson 41 Diagnosis of urine
Lesson 42 Diagnosis of insomnia
Lesson 43 Diagnosis of somnolence
Lesson 44 Diagnosis of coma
Lesson 45 Diagnosis of thrust and drink
Lesson 46 Diagnosis of pain
Lesson 47 Female diseases diagnosis
Lesson 48 Children diagnosis
Lesson 49 Pulse diagnosis
Lesson 50 Palpation of the limbs, the hand and chest
Lesson 51 Palpating the abdomen
Lesson 52 Palpating points
Lesson 53 Diagnosis of edema
Lesson 54 Diagnosis of bleeding
Lesson 55 Diagnosis of blood in stool
Lesson 56 Diagnosis of dryness
Lesson 57 Diagnosis of wind
Lesson 58 Diagnosis of dampness
Lesson 59 Humid classification
Lesson 60 Summary
Note: All videos are in the Hindi language only.

Disclaimer:- The video course will be shared only with one account which can't be changed or transferred.