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Name of Course Diploma In Sujok Therapy (D.S.T.)
Eligibility This is a course for beginners, anyone can join this course
Total Fee
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Rs 11799/    Rs 6490/- Including Taxes (45% Discount Offer Ending Soon)

Course Fee includes Diploma Fee, Exam Fee, Certificate Fee, Lifetime Access Fee, and Taxes. (No Hidden Cost)

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Course Language All videos are in the Hindi language only. English Subtitle Version is also available.
Advantages of this course
You can become Su Jok Therapist and start practicing Sujok after collecting Diploma In Sujok Therapy Certificate.

You can help your patients, friends, or family with this therapy to cure their health problems.

You will learn Sujok Correspondence of each body part or organ and how to cure disorders by stimulating points according to Sujok Therapy

You will get LIFETIME access to the course videos which you can reference anytime in the future.

You will be eligible for the next level course which is - Advanced Diploma in Sujok Therapy (A.D. Sujok) in which you will learn Single Point Treatment for hundereds of health problems.

Course Videos & Student's Feedback

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This course video consists of multiple videos which enrolled students will receive with LIFETIME ACCESS.

Lesson 1 Course Introduction
Lesson 2 What Is Sujok
Lesson 3 Similarities Between Hand and Body
Lesson 4 Primary and Secondary Correspondence
Lesson 5 Sujok Therapy For Eye Disorders
Lesson 6 Sujok Therapy For Nose Disorders
Lesson 7 Sujok Therapy For Ears Disorders
Lesson 8 Sujok Therapy For Mouth Disorders
Lesson 9 Sujok Therapy For Throat Disorders
Lesson 10 Sujok Therapy For Neck Disorders
Lesson 11 Sujok Therapy For Brain Disorders
Lesson 12 Sujok Therapy For Hands Disorders
Lesson 13 Sujok Therapy For Legs Disorders
Lesson 14 Sujok Therapy For Lungs Disorders
Lesson 15 Sujok Therapy For Heart Disorders
Lesson 16 Sujok Therapy For Stomach Disorders
Lesson 17 Sujok Therapy For Spleen Disorders
Lesson 18 Sujok Therapy For Liver & Gallbladder Disorders
Lesson 19 Sujok Therapy For Small Intestine Disorders
Lesson 20 Sujok Therapy For Large Intestine Disorders
Lesson 21 Sujok Therapy For Urinary Bladder Disorders
Lesson 22 Sujok Therapy For Kidney Disorders
Lesson 23 Sujok Therapy For Male Reproductive Disorders
Lesson 24 Sujok Therapy For Female Reproductive Disorders
Lesson 25 Sujok Therapy For Spine Disorders
Lesson 26 Course Summary
Note: All videos are in both Hindi & English language.

Disclaimer:- The video course will be shared only with one account which can't be changed or transferred.

Frequently Asked Questions
1) When will I receive the course videos?

As you will enroll into the course after sucessful fees payment, you will receive all the academic videos of this course automatically from our website to your email.

2) What's the duration of this course?

All of our online courses comes with LIFETIME ACCESS to the academic course videos, therefore, you can complete these at your convenience. Once you complete watching all the academic videos thoroughly, you can email or call us to start your certification process.

3) When and how will I get my certificate?

Certificates from Sambhav are highly recognized and prestigious that's why we take it very seriously to maintain the decorum of our institution. Once you have watched all the academic videos thoroughly, you can email ( or call us to start your certification process. We will share the online link to the unique question paper with you which you'll have to take and submit to get the certification. We will review the answers and issue the e-certificate. If you fail you can try again.

4) How sooner can I apply for certification?

It totally depends on how fast you complete the online course. Whenever you are ready to appear for the test, just send us an email so that we can start your process.

5) What will be asked in the test?

Don't worry, it will be an easy and straight forward test, in which you will be asked few questions related to the syllabus only. Nothing will be asked outside the video syllabus.

5) Are these videos of Dr. Richa Varshney?

Yes, all videos are of Dr. Richa Varshney only.

6) Can I talk to someone at your institution?

Absolutely, we have courses councellor and they can contact you. You will have to fill an online form --> (Click here to fill the call back form)

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