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Name of Course Advanced Diploma In Acupressure And Numerology (A.D.A.N)
Eligibility Anyone can join this course.
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Course Language Videos are in Hindi Language. (English Subtitles coming soon)
Advantages of this course
Candidates can learn the how to diagnose health issues based on date of birth of their patients or friends or family.

Candidates can learn the logic of Numerology and how it can be used along with Acupressure Therapy to cure problems.

Get fast and painless results based on numerology diagnosis

Learn to treat any age group with this therapy.

Learn the basic concept of Numerology, T.C.M. and Sujok Acupressure also in this course.

Candidate can treat Physical, Mental, and Psychology problems easily, including both acute and chronic health problems.

Good foundation course for next level courses in our institution.

Course Explaination Video & Students' Feedback

This course video consists of multiple videos which enrolled students will receive with LIFETIME ACCESS.

Lesson 1 Five Element Theory And Life Cycle

Lesson 2 The Generating & Controlling Sequence

Lesson 3 Relationship Of Organs In Generating Cycle

3.1 - Liver is the mother of heart & applied use of this relationship

3.2 Heart is the mother of spleen & applied use of this relationship

3.3 Spleen is the mother of lungs & applied use of this relationship

3.4 The lungs are the mother of kidneys & applied use of this relationship

3.5 The kidneys are the mother of liver & applied use of this relationship

Lesson 4 Relationship Of Organs in Control Cycles

4.1 - Liver controls the stomach and spleen & applied use of this relationship

4.2 Heart controls lungs & applied use of this relationship

4.3 Spleen controls kidneys & applied use of this relationship

4.4 Lungs control the liver & Applied use of this relationship

4.5 Kidneys control the heart & Applied use of this relationship

Lesson 5 Yin and Yang Organs

Lesson 6 The Generating & Controlling Sequence Of Yin And Yang Organs

Lesson 7 Tonification Sedation Acupressure / Acupuncture Points

Lesson 8 Organ Balance Acupressure/ Acupuncture Points

Lesson 9 Journey of soul from zero to nine

Lesson 10 How to calculate Driver number

Lesson 11 How to calculate Conductor number

Lesson 12 How to calculate Kua number or Angel number

Lesson 13 Characteristics of number 1-9

Lesson 14 Repetition of Numbers

Lesson 15 Discovery Of Magical Turtle Grid

Lesson 16 Number Arrangement In Magical Turtle Grid

Lesson 17 Directions In Magical Turtle Grid

Lesson 18 Planets In Magical Turtle Grid

Lesson 19 Five Elements In Magical Turtle grid

Lesson 20 Meridian In Magical Turtle Grid

Lesson 21 Different Planes Of Magical Turtle Grid

21.1 - Mental plane

21.2 Emotional Plane or Spiritual Plane

21.3 Plane of Practicality or Physical Plane

21.4 Plane of Planner

21.5 Plane of will power

21.6 Plane of Action

Lesson 22 Plane of Golden Raj Yog

Lesson 23 Plane of Silver Raj Yog

Lesson 24 Treatment - Line of Frustration

Lesson 25 Treatment - Line of Suspicious, Moody person

Lesson 26 Treatment - Line of Poor Memory

Lesson 25 Treatment - Line of Loneliness

Lesson 26 Treatment - Line of Losses

Lesson 26 Treatment - Line of Confusion

Lesson 27 Treatment - Line of Indecision

Lesson 28 Treatment - Line of Loosing Opportunity

Lesson 28 Treatment - How to balance missing number or repeated number in Magical Turtle grid by Acupressure/ Acupuncture points

Lesson 29 Course Summary

Note: All videos are in the Hindi language. (English subtitles will be available soon)

Disclaimer:- The video course will be shared only with one account which can't be changed or transferred.

Frequently Asked Questions
1) When will I receive the course videos?

As you will enroll into the course after sucessful fees payment, you will receive all the academic videos of this course automatically from our website to your email.

2) What's the duration of this course?

All of our online courses comes with LIFETIME ACCESS to the academic course videos, therefore, you can complete these at your convenience. Once you complete watching all the academic videos thoroughly, you can email or call us to start your certification process.

3) When and how will I get my certificate?

Certificates from Sambhav are highly recognized and prestigious that's why we take it very seriously to maintain the decorum of our institution. Once you have watched all the academic videos thoroughly, you can email ( or call us to start your certification process. We will share the online link to the unique question paper with you which you'll have to take and submit to get the certification. We will review the answers and issue the e-certificate. If you fail you can try again.

4) How sooner can I apply for certification?

It totally depends on how fast you complete the online course. Whenever you are ready to appear for the test, just send us an email so that we can start your process.

5) What will be asked in the test?

Don't worry, it will be an easy and straight forward test, in which you will be asked few questions related to the syllabus only. Nothing will be asked outside the video syllabus.

6) Are these videos of Dr. Richa Varshney?

Yes, all videos are of Dr. Richa Varshney only.

7) What is value added course?

Value added course means that these courses are additional courses that students can join if they want to enhance their knowledge in the subject discussed in the course. The one who will do all the courses, will have the ultimate knowledge of this therapy and would be a rightful therapist who can cure the root-cause vs surface level problem.

8) Can I do Internship from your hospital?

Yes, you can apply for the internship, if we have an opening, we will invite you for an interview.

9) Can I get a job after the completion of course?

Yes, once you become certified therapist, you can apply for jobs in various Naturopathy Hospital, Physiotherapy Centres, Massage Therapy Centres, etc. Average salary for a massage therapist in India is almost Rs 6,00,000 per Year according to Talent(dot)com

10) Can I open clinic after completion of the course?

Yes, you can once you complete master diploma courses, and become certified Acupressure/Sujok Therapist.

11) Can I talk to someone at your institution?

Absolutely, we have courses councellor and they can contact you. You will have to fill an online form --> (Click here to fill the call back form)

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