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Name of Course Master Diploma in Acupressure and Sujok Therapy (MD-Acu.)
Eligibility Diploma in Sujok Therapy (D.S.T.) / Advanced Diploma in Sujok Therapy (A.D. Sujok)
Tuition Fee Rs. 14,990/-Rs 10,990/- (Limited Time Offer)

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Sambhav Institute will send videos related to this course and there will be a test after completion of this course. We will share the unique question paper online link with the students which they have to take and submit to complete the certification. Enrolled students can reach out to us to clear their doubts through E-mail (

Note: Academic videos for this course will be provided once you get enrolled.
This MD-Acu. course video consists of multiple videos which enrolled students will receive

Lesson 1 Course Introduction
Lesson 2 What is Acupressure
Lesson 3 Theory Of Five Elements
Lesson 4 Creative Cycle or Generative Cycle
Lesson 5 Destructive Cycle or Control Cycle
Lesson 6 Treatment of Acute Hyper Disease
Lesson 7 Treatment of Acute Hyper Disease
Lesson 8 Treatment of Sub-Acute Diseases
Lesson 9 Five Shu Points
Lesson 10 Jing Well Points
Lesson 11 Yung Spring Points
Lesson 12 Shu Stream Points
Lesson 13 Jing River Points
Lesson 14 He-sea points
Lesson 15 Law Of Organ Source Points / Yukon Source Points
Lesson 16 Law Of Distal Points
Lesson 17 Law of Eight Influential Points or Special Meeting Points
Lesson 18 Law of Xi Cleft Point or Accumulating Points
Lesson 19 Law of Luo Connecting or Passage Points
Lesson 20 Law of Alarm Points (Front Shu & Back Shu Points)
Lesson 21 Law of Horary Points & Friendly Points as per organ clock
Lesson 22 Law of First and Last Point
Lesson 23 Law of Treating The Six-Channel Axis & Three Courses
Lesson 24 Law of Root and Fruit
Lesson 25 Law of Extra-Ordinary Vessel & Treatment of Master and Couple Points
Lesson 26 Treat Disorders By Master Point of Extra-Ordinary Vessel
Lesson 27 Law of Ayurvedic Acupressure
Lesson 28 Law of Panchkarma
Lesson 29 Law of Regulatory The Bowels
Lesson 30 Law Of Treating Topographically Opposite Points
Lesson 31 Law Of Window of Sky Points
Lesson 32 Law Of Special Meeting Points
Lesson 33 Combination of Xi-Cleft Points with Organ Source Points or Influential Points
Lesson 34 Course Summary
Note: All videos are in the Hindi language only.

Disclaimer:- The video course will be shared only with one account which can't be changed or transferred.